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    Post by ziggy on Fri Oct 29, 2010 4:39 pm

    I was fortunate enough to be at the game last night - World Series Game 2 in San Francisco - club level seats behind home plate.

    It was such an amazing experience!!! My best friend who took me had a Giant's foul ball by Burrell literally land in her seat. The ball is all scuffed up and says "World Series". That is so cool.

    Joe Montana was there and when they showed him waving on the big screen the entire stadium stood up and cheered for about 5 minutes - it was so awesome I started to tear up remembering our glory days at Candlestick.

    Steve Perry of Journey was there and when they played the Journey song, "Lights" which is about our beautiful city by the Bay - he was standing and singing along to his own song and engaging the crowd to sing along which we all did. He was the big song leader waving his Giants hat and having the best time. The lights of our city were all orange - Coit Tower completely lit in orange and absolutely beautiful.

    "You can do it" Rob Schneider was there cheering for our team as was the Great One, Wayne Gretsky.

    Lady Antebellum sang the Star Spangled Banner as the boats in the Bay shot water in the air and fireworks went off to start the game and God Bless America was sung by a gal that was enlisted, yes, one of our troops and she was magnificent.

    I brought orange feather boas to wear and a big feather came off and caught an updraft and floated above the people and toward the field ala Forest Gump - that was hilarious to watch.

    And the GAME!!! OMG. What a shut out and some very good plays. Especially loved the Rangers home run that bounced off the wall perfectly into a Giants mit. Crazy fun.

    So please root for our GIANTS as it seems no one else in the country is and they can't get any credit on ESPN or hardly any of the commentators.

    Oh, and it was rumored that Madonna was there in a Rangers jacket. What a c word. I can't stand her. I love the state of Texas and all but really - where's a large portion of your fan base M? Glad they never showed her on the screen.

    It was supposed to be rained out, but there was not a drop - it was a warm balmy night and the rain didn't start until 1:00 a.m. when I was on my way home approaching the GGB.

    That was an amazing experience of synchronized human energy. Wow.

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